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Tappinskis Christmas Charm "Lexy"
Size: 50 cm

Äg: Margot Holst, Dala-Järna
Tappinskis Babe You Are Pretty "Smilla"
Size: 46 cm
Tappinskis Invade My Space
Ow: Anna-Lotta V Bruse, Eslöv
110320 Malmö junkl 1/3 Barbara Ruth Smith

Tappinskis In Your Face
Ow: Frida Genlid, Söderhamn
Se Uch Tappinskis Imza I Will Walkwith You
Ow: Tappinskis
Tappinskis Isa The Indian Girl
Ow: Susanne Holst

Tappinskis Infinite Cute
Ow: Camilla Ardel, Bromma
Tappinskis Ice Ice Baby
Ow: Robert Jakobssen, Borlänge