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SEUCH Tappinskis Dainty Demeanour

INT S N FIUCH Mac Bells Citizen Kane

Tappinskis Happy And Hilarious
Äg: Pär Wahlin, Kåge

Tappinskis Honey With Stripes
Äg: Kennel Kathstone, Norway

2 CAC in Norway

Tappinskis Hope And Happiness
Äg: Kim Rio, Norway
Tappinskis How To Make Hullaballoo
Äg: Ann-Margret Honkasalo, Bergsjö
Tappinskis Have It Your Way
Äg: Fam Wixner, Hudiksvall
Tappinskis Having A Latte
Äg: Sandra Widen, Jönköping
111105 Växjö ukl 1/3 ck
Se Uch Tappinskis How To Look Like Daddy
Äg: Finland
100828 Gotland junkl 1/1 ck BM-2 CAC Per Iversen